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Fondation Segré

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme is currently supported by Fondation Segré to create the Segré EDGE Fellowships, which support on-the-ground conservation efforts to help protect at-risk EDGE species all over the world.

Fondation Segré support 15 EDGE Fellows, five per year, as part of a global network of conservation leaders influencing the conservation agenda in Latin America, Africa and Asia. This project will also recognise and scale-up the three best conservation projects proposed by the Segré EDGE Fellows during this period, providing an additional grant over one year in the form of a Segré EDGE Species Survival Award in order to deliver effective long-term conservation outcomes at a landscape level benefiting multiple EDGE species.

Fondation Segré was established in 1996, initially with a very broad scope of interests but later specialising in conservation of nature and of biodiversity. Today, Fondation Segré is committed to help protect the biodiversity of our planet through the active conservation of threatened species and their habitat and the restoration of degraded ecosystems.

The Segré EDGE Fellowships currently include:

2017 cohort – Africa

2018 cohort – Latin America

2019 cohort – Asia