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National Geographic Society

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme is working in collaboration with the National Geographic Society to create the Nat Geo Photo Ark EDGE Fellowships, which support on-the-ground conservation efforts to help save species featured in the National Geographic Photo Ark.

The Photo Ark is a flagship program of the National Geographic Society founded by National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. It aims to document every species in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts.

The Nat Geo Photo Ark EDGE Fellowships leverage the power of Sartore’s captivating portraits to bring attention to the global extinction crisis. They also help put effective tools into the hands of conservationists working to turn the tide for species at risk.

The Nat Geo Photo Ark EDGE Fellowships currently include:

Latin America