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澳洲幸运五开奖结果官网直播,168澳洲幸运5+记录号码查询|全天精准官方计划| he EDGE of Existence programme highlights and protects some of the most unique species on the planet, which are on the verge of extinction.

These weird and wonderful species are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered. Representing a unique and irreplaceable part of our world’s biodiversity, many EDGE species have been overlooked by conservationists – until now.

Explore our conservation work around the world, from Fellows to Projects to Expeditions, to learn more about these amazing species and support our efforts to maintain the diversity of life.

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The EDGE of Existence programme is the only global conservation initiative to focus specifically on threatened species that represent a significant amount of unique evolutionary history. Using a scientific framework to prioritise little-known EDGE species, we put these species on the map and catalyse conservation action to secure their future.


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